New iPhone 7 Can’t be Activated

If you see an alert message as you try to activate your new iPhone 7, don’t worry you’re not alone. There are many people have reported an iPhone 7 problem when their new iPhone 7 can’t be activated, in particular on the first few days when server traffic is at its peak. When you are trying to activate your new iPhone 7, and you see a message which might say that your iPhone can’t be activated because the activation server is unavailable, the SIM card is unsupported, or activation couldn’t be completed, don’t give up hopeless. We’re here to help you find out how to cope with this activation problem.

Anyway, before we try to locate the solution to this activation failure, there are some important thing to ensure that iPhone 7 is ready for the activation. First, make sure that your new iPhone 7 uses a SIM card, and make sure that the SIM card is in the iPhone 7 and placed correctly. Even you can use a SIM card with no active contract because your new iPhone 7 might still need the SIM card to activate. Then if there is a no SIM or invalid SIM alerts appear, it means that you are using a damaged, locked, or missing SIM card. You may need to be ready with your Apple ID which is possible needed, especially when there is a message says to sign in with an Apple ID to activate. If you have checked everything is ready for activation, you can try again to activate your iPhone 7.

How to solve when new iPhone 7 can’t be activated

If your iPhone 7 can’t be activated, and you are getting a message about the activation server being unavailable, probably it caused by Apple is only struggling to cope with the volume. If you want to make sure about this status, you can check here. Find out the status of iOS Device Activation, from the available list. If you don’t see any green box next to the status, it means that you can try again later. If you are asked for a password, enter it. A password prompt says Activation Lock might be enabled in Find my iPhone 7. Don’t forget to ensure that you are entering the password correctly. If you still having any trouble with your new iPhone 7 activation, try the following possible fixes:

  • Switch the activation method. If you are seeking to do it using your cellular connection, then you may need to switch to Wi-Fi instead.
  • Restart your new iPhone 7. Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button to turn your iPhone off, and then drag the slider to turn the device completely off. Once the iPhone 7 is off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again to turn it on.
  • Activate your new iPhone 7 using iTunes. Firstly, you need to ensure that the iTunes is up to date, and then try to plug your iPhone 7 into your computer to complete the activation using iTunes.
  • Another way may helpful for you is contacting your carrier and ask if there are any known issues with iPhone 7 activation. You can also replace the SIM card to get another try.
  • Finally, after we have done with the whole steps, if your new iPhone 7 can’t be activated, probably it is time to contact Apple to get any further help about your issue.

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