iOS 11 Features

iOS 11 Features

iOS 11 Evolution

We have accompanied the release of the iOS 11 betas, whose fourth iteration for developers arrived just before the third version of public testers. While Apple enhances the software, speed-makers try to determine whether the system is getting faster than its previous releases.

It has been put to the test in speed compared with the 10.3.2, and finally, in the last video, the iOS 11 Beta 4 shows faster. Have we seen this last compared that Apple has achieved a breakthrough, so how about we compared the first beta version with the latest?

At first, we see that the system startup is much faster in this fourth update. Launching applications, in some cases, is also faster in beta 4, as well as rendering the content within the apps. Benchmark tests also make it very evident that, in four updates, Apple has achieved a good optimization.

As you may notice, iOS 11 has delivered an excellent performance in the fourth version in benchmark tests, including a smooth display in the heaviest charts-but not in all cases.

It is encouraging to see the evolution regarding performance in only four beta versions since in the iOS 10.3.3 it took a little longer to happen. However, there still seems to be a good way for Apple to go, if you want to give the iOS 11 1 performance better than previous versions.

iOS 11 Icons

Yesterday we enjoyed the launch of the third public beta of iOS 11, but the reality is that since Monday at 19:00 we have been testing current iPhone news about the fourth beta for developers of iOS 11. We have no choice if we want to keep you updated with the latest news we can find. The reality is that we love to try the betas and today we will tell you a little more about the latter.

More than likely for at least a couple of weeks in August we are going to find a beta stop, so do not rule out that this fourth beta of iOS 11 is the last one we see until almost September. However, the beta 4 of iOS 11 has brought some news, improvements and other bugs, we will tell them all.

To begin we have found a new icon of the application contacts in iOS 11, it seems that Apple also adds to the active movement of diversity, as we find two characters on the agenda, one male and another feminine. Another of the novelties is that a new vibration has been added to the time of putting the iphone to load, although it is missing to know whether or not it will have something to do with the connection to the wireless load.

iOS 11 Features

  1. The application switch in multitasking has been improved. It works quickly and efficiently
  2. New Unlock icon When you click with 3d Touch effect on notifications
  3. The 3d Touch system works almost entirely
  4. New method of configuration in the “Automatic connection” of the WiFi
  5. Small tweaks to design in wallet
  6. Coverage never disappears in a normal way (could give erroneous data)
  7. Animations have been improved

As for the battery, although it is true that has been enhanced, do not expect miracles, very hard you will overcome the 4 hours of use and the 14 hours waiting, but this begins to be already a considerable autonomy. If queries try the 11 maybe it’s time, although you should never forget that you can find problems.

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