How To Install Web Browser on your Apple TV

Apple TV doesn’t provide the web browser, but you can install one with the help of a sideload app. Download the program, and you can research URLs in your own Apple TV. This can’t be done from the Mac AppStore, and therefore you need to sideload tvOSBrowser on Apple TV. You can assess the procedure to sideload any program here.

How To Install Web Browser on your Apple TV

Sideloading the tvOSbrowser that we reported on previously is simple, it just requires a little massaging to make it all work. You’ll need to be acquainted with our regular sideloading tutorial, but there’s one step which before it all comes together, you are going to need to take.

How to Install an Internet Browser

1.First off, sideload the tvOSBrowser on our Apple TV.
During this process, you will face an error: “UIWebView” is unavailable: not available on tvOS.
2. Now open the Applications folder.
3. Select Show Package Contents after right clicking Xcode app.
4. Click on Developer → Platforms → AppleTVOS.platform → Developer → SDKs → AppleTVOS.sdk → usr → include.
5. Now double click on Availability.h to open in Xcode.

#define __TVOS_UNAVAILABLE __OS_AVAILABILITY(tvos,unavailable)
#define __TVOS_PROHIBITED __OS_AVAILABILITY(tvos,unavailable)
Replace above lines with:


7. Save changes to Availability.h
8. Now rebuild the tvOSBrowser with the assistance of Play button at Xcode, and tvOSBrowser must build.
9. Find tvOSBrowser icon on Apple TV and begin browsing the internet on your TV.

The process is quite simple, and it will take measures to be performed by a couple of minutes. This isn’t your professional browser which you locate your Mac or iPhone and iPad. It has features, let’s hope programmers or Apple TV come up with some features in future.

Presently, this web browser can be used by you in using its basic features:

  • To shift from the cursor to scroll mode and vice versa, tap on the center of touch are of Apple TV remote.
    Click the touch area to click.
  • Navigate back with the help of Menu.
  • To type in URLs, use Play/Pause button.

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