Google Play Movies and TV Available for Vizio TV

Google Play Movies and TV Available for Vizio TV

Vizio has been adding streaming apps on its TV last few weeks, including Netflix and Amazon Video. The latest improvement to its streaming programs set? Google Play Movies & TV. The business is making the app available on its high end VIA+ along with D-series Smart TVs, providing you a way to purchase or rent titles without having to work with a phone or tablet computer and a Chromecast or Roku.

Google Play Movies and Vizio TV

The program features film and shows from Google’s 200 partner world wide distributors and recently began offering 4K pictures to take advantage of your Ultra HD display. In case you have a Vizio VIA+ or D-Series, keep an eye on the home screen for that program icon, put in it when it becomes available and take a look at the stuff perhaps not on your other streaming services.

The service is Arriving at Vizio TVs together with assistance for the Organization’s VIA+ stage (VIZIO Internet Apps Plus) and also to D-series Smart TVs.

Now, you’ll find a way to discover your favorite movies and TV shows with the Google Play Movies & TV app on VIZIO VIA+/D-series Smart TVs. As a consequence, you can now access your library, obtain the latest releases, and watch directly on your TV… And through our ventures with more than 200 film & TV global distributors, including all significant studios, even Google Play offers thousands of era movies and next day TV shows, which means you’ll always find something to love with family and friends.

According to Google, the Google Play Movies TV app is also available for a Variety of goods from Samsung Smart TVs, LG TVs and Roku.

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