Galaxy Note 8: Get The Most Out Of The S Pen

Galaxy Note 8 - Get The Most Out Of The S Pen

One of the most outstanding features of the Galaxy Note 8 is the S Pen, a tactile stylus that greatly improves the experience of use and allows us to take much more advantage of all the technology that comes with this smartphone. However, we can even further match this tool with the use of different applications that work without problem with the S Pen of Galaxy Note 8 as the following:

Screen off Memo

This feature is already included in the Galaxy Note 8 and will allow you to make notes to leave them fixed on your blocking screen. An ideal option so that you can have your earrings always visible, the advantage is that you will be able to edit your notes by simply pressing the screen twice with the S Pen. With this function you can write up to 100 pages, view them and edit them with your S Pen from the lock screen, so you will not have to unlock your smartphone to have to access this content, so you’ll be much more productive, and you can save battery Your device.


This application created by Samsung itself is a tool to free your creativity and artistic expression. Penup allows you to illuminate hundreds of already established designs that can help you relax or spend some time entertaining and then share your creation with thousands of artists who already use this application. One of the most interesting functions of Penup is that you will be able to use your creations as a fixed wallpaper or animated so that you always have an exclusive wallpaper.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Following the applications for artists, we have the option of Adobe, which like the previous option allows you to make professional digital artistic sketches and creations thanks to the different tools available in this application. The advantage of Adobe Illustrator is that all your creations can be used in other software signature products such as Photoshop, Premiere or After effects.

Samsung Notes

The default note application on the Galaxy Note 8 is also one of the best tools with which we can leverage all the advantages of S Pen technology. Notes allow to make professional annotations and illustrations, so it is an excellent tool so that you can express your ideas quickly, quickly and accurately to carry them everywhere with your phone.


The widespread application for coloring is also one of the apps that you can not miss if you already have this smartphone, because even though the application has a simple design and is suitable for all ages. The accuracy of the S Pen again takes advantage in comparison With the use of other devices, allowing our strokes to be much more accurate and thus we can exploit much more our creativity.


Unlike other applications in the list, DocuSign is not for artists, but for professionals or students looking to edit PDF files from your phone with the S Pen, so we can sign, annotate or fill out forms and then Share them with our contacts. This application has taken a lot of popularity to be able to send papers that require the signature of a user and in this way to avoid that it has to print the document, sign it and then send it by parcel or scan it to send the digital copy. The advantage again of the S Pen is that thanks to its more than 4000 points of precision you will be able to place your digital signature with much more detail and finesse.

Smart Select

Although it is not an application but a function of the S Pen available in the Galaxy Note 8, smart Select allows making intelligent captures of a video on screen to create GIFs and share them in our social networks. GIF is one of the most popular forms of communication in recent years, and many applications have large repositories of this content, however, with the Note 8 and the S Pen you can create original and fun GIFs to express yourself uniquely. Read More This Website

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